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Strategy vs. Spaghetti: Why Strategy Always Wins - with Caryn Kent Dean CP APMP

Episode Summary

Caryn Kent Dean MLIS CP APMP shares real examples of how setting a strategy to answer good-fit opportunities always beats throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to bid on everything.

Episode Notes

Discover the importance of Strategy vs Spaghetti: Why Strategy Always Wins


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About our guest

Caryn Kent Dean, MLIS, CP APMP, Managing Partner, founded Once Upon an RFP in 2018, after 20+ years in the industry. She has consistently created order from chaos, working with businesses to stabilize and grow their revenues. She actively participates in APMP as a Greater Midwest Chapter board member and mentor.

Heard in this episode...

"You're not saying, well, I can do anything, because honestly, that sounds like you can do nothing or you don't know what you can do. When you put your flag in the ground and say this is what I do and how I serve you, clients really respect it." - Caryn Kent Dean MLIS CP APMP

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